Research & usability

Undestanding users’ behaviors

User research focuses on understanding user behaviors, needs, and motivations through observation techniques, task analysis, and other methodologies. Embedding user research into your development cycle will make sure you are focusing your effort on creating a product that solves the real and most crucial problems of your users.


Screener will help you to recruit the right person for your research study. We've created an email version template that you can build in Google forms or another platform of your choice.


This simple interview template will help you draft your own interview quickly by providing basic guidance and examples.

Persona Research

Persona Research
Defining the right persona is critical for stating the right assumptions that you will later validate.

Test your product design

Testing your product is key to focusing your development efforts in the right direction, in order to deliver value to your customers. We have gathered detailed documents that provide a foundation for doing it right and getting the best results. We recommend that you use these documents as educational tools and run your actual studies with a professional UX researcher and moderator.

Preliminary Questionnaire

Use this questionnaire to collect relevant background information about your subjects and align them with your test objectives.

Summary presentation

Present your usability study finding by addressing your tasks and success criteria, sharing key insights and offering possible approaches for next steps.

Concluding Questionnaire

Summarize your test, quantify your subject’s feedback and conclude the study by covering high level issues

Tasks & success criteria

Build your usability test study by identifying the core use cases of your product and defining clear success criteria for each task.


We’ve gathered all the iportant tools (external) that will help you get your study up and running in no time.