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Min Yun Chan

UI/UX Designer

A little bit about me

I hail from a small town in the north of peninsular Malaysia. Lived in Singapore for exactly 10 years before uprooting to the greater Boston area. Have a degree in Industrial Design and Masters in Human Factors in Information Design. Some work experience in medical education, VR, and retail design prior to Vertica.
Experienced two extreme ends of pace and work culture in my past role in a design consultancy as well as the academia, and found a good balance of both in Vertica. There’s always a good challenge awaiting me at work. 

My expertise

User research including field research, usability testing, and card sorting. Prototyping. 

Myself on the weekends

Explore the rich trove of notable architecture near me, thanks to Covid. Ponder the geometry in nature – plants, leaves, human anatomy, and sometimes the stock market. Deliberate the intersection between nature & math, psychology & the purpose of life. Attempt to sound philosophical, like I just did, but mostly falling asleep while reading or being a potato couch watching animes (I blame the weather, it’s either too cold or too hot!). And what a perfect opportunity to show off my origami.

Something cool I’d like to share

Blurring the boundaries between 2D & 3D with fractional dimension: 

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