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Inbal Baron

Head of Design & UX

About me

Hi ๐Ÿ‘‹ , I am a multidisciplinary designer with over 12 years of experience with end-to-end product design in the tech industry.

Today I manage the Micro Focus incredible studio team, as well as Product Designers within leading product teams. With my teams, I aspire to deliver high-quality design experiences and to emphasize user experience aspects in order to improve products and services, and therefore to increase customers’ engagement.ย 
We work together to establish a strong design culture and drive product teams to deliver the best products and services.

I studied Industrial Design in Tel Aviv and Cologne. After that, I studied Communication Design in Berlin.
Since my graduation, I fuse my passion, knowledge and expertise with a focus on Visual & Product Design.

I have worked in a variety of roles for international companies and institutes from a wide range of fields, including Triad, Fjord (part of Accenture today), Txtr, DHL, Vanity Fair Magazine, Goethe-Institut, The Academy of fine arts Vienna, Curve Tech, and more.  My work has been exhibited at public events and exhibitions in Kรถln, Berlin, Seoul, Shanghai, and Tel Aviv.
I am a two-time winner with Creative Excellence from the AICF Grants program (AKA โ€œSharett Grantsโ€) 2001 โ€“ 2002.  

Having worked with innovative companies and individuals, I constantly strive to learn and create new experiences and solve problems that have an impact and add value and delight to people’s lives.

The A-Team – we became a family

My desk view

I geek out on

Rock/electronic music concerts and attending modern art/photography exhibitions.
I also enjoy watching Liam, my son, playing the piano – it makes me very proud of him.  

Kurzgesagt animated videos are one of my favourite watches. They are uploaded only about once a month, but the wait is usually well worth it.
The videos are beautifully animated and share the passion for knowledge on a wide range of topics.
โ€˜Kurzgesagtโ€™ in German translates to โ€˜in briefโ€™, which is pretty much what these guys use as a template in their short, animated explainer videos.

Myself on the weekends

Spend time with my family – Jens my husband, Liam 16, Mila 9, and our three rabbits, James, John, and Snowy.  
I also like to take walks, bike, exercise, and do pilates.   

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