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Maya Gutman

Visual Designer

A little bit about me

I was never able to answer the question: “And you, what do you want to do when you grow up?”  
Today I realize that it’s totally ok.  I enjoy doing a lot of things… combining them all is my special added value as a designer.  

I am a visual designer, learning developer, organizational consultant, and lifelong learner. I’m passionate about designing, I believe in simplicity and seek minimalism. I am very methodological, a good listener and don’t accept anything less than perfect.

My expertise

Branding, campaign, internal communications, digital and graphic design.

I geek out on

I am a paper lover and obsessed with collecting special notebooks and paper products from all around the world. I like reading real newspapers… usually from the last page. I always read 2 books in in parallel ðŸ™‚  

 I have also an M.A in organizational development and I am a certified make-up artist. 

Something cool I’d like to share

I like this Instagram profile! It combines thoughts, feelings, and graphic design related to work in a simple and funny way 

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