Mariya Malikin

UI Design Expert

A little bit about me

Since I remember myself I was interested in arts and design. From childhood one of my favorite things was to spend time drawing and sketching. First, I’d just copy some other illustrations that were catching my eye, then my mother noticed my special gift – that was what she said 🙂 so she sent me to learn drawing in a professional way. 

In high school, my favorite courses were art and graphic design. I graduated from Kineret College in 2009, and since then I’ve been working in different design studio eugenics and gaining much experience with different design metrics, platforms, and tools. 

Myself on the weekends

For fun I love to spend time with my family – my husband Itamar and my children Ella and Eitan. 
I’m very interested in photography and love to catch memories, people, and expressions. We also love to travel, to go to picnics, and just hang out together. 

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