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Lily Azar

Senior Product Designer

A little bit about me

I am a senior product designer and a brand expert with 10+ years of professional experience. I graduated from Bezalel University 12 years ago, majored in Visual Communication. Today I am about to finish my masters degree in Design Management, also in Bezalel.  

After graduating, I joined Designit (Strategy and Design firm). Since then I have gained substantial experience in digital and brand identity design. I was responsible for the new design language in Bank Hapoalim (the largest bank in Israel), and at Cellcom (one of the three largest telecommunication firms in Israel), I was responsible for the new design language as well. There also, I had an opportunity to get experience in team & project management and also to lead digital UX and design language of key projects such as Pepper Pay (a P2P mobile payment app). 

Today, In Microfocus, I work on the UFT Codeless tool. This tool is based on AI model and NLP writing and gives new audiences an opportunity to write and run automated tests without any previous knowledge of coding.  

In addition, I lecture a class of UX students at the University of Haifa, on the basics of visual design. 

My expertise

UX, UI, and Brand Identity.

Myself on the weekends

I love sports. I practice all kinds of sports since the age of 3. I participated in the Children’s Olympics in Moscow at the age of 7 and in the army, I was a physical trainer. 
Practicing on a daily basis keeps me more focused, more concentrated, it helps me to relax my mind and body and thereby reduce stress. 


I also like guiding art and crafts creative workshops. In these โ€œmindful makingโ€ workshops, participants work with their hands, touch, cut, paint materials, and have fun, reminding our body and soul of another world different than digital screens.

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