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Micro Focus Design System lives in Figma. This is our always-in-sync, one source of truth for the whole community. For Sketch users, it is possible to download our latest component file under DS17 section at the bottom of this page, however, the upcoming updates won’t be reflected on this file.

Micro Focus Design System

Component library & Product language

Tokens & Styles

Micro Focus Tokens & Styles
Figma library

Components 2021 Sketch

Micro Focus DS21 components to use on Sketch

Icon Packs

Coming soon –Ā Access the Design System 21 icon library directly through Figma for the most updated resources. You may also download our last icon library with svg & png files.Ā 

Icon Library

Set of basic reusable icons
Figma file

Icon Pack

png & svg icon pack
.zip fileĀ 

Illustration Packs

Coming soon – a set of reusable illustration set to include in your products.

Illustration Pack

Set of basic illustrations
Figma file

Illustration Pack

Set of png & svg illustrations
Zip fileĀ 

Font Families

The Design System 2021 uses Roboto throughout all the components. For the most updated font families follow the link to Google Fonts. If your product is still using Metric you might download the zip folder at the bottom of this page under the DS17 section.


Font family
Google Fonts

Noto Sans JP

Font family
Google Fonts

Noto Sans KR

Font family
Google Fonts

Noto Sans SC

Font family
Google Fonts


Download the Micro Focus logos, family logos, and product icons as png & svg files to use in your designs.

Micro Focus logo

Blue, black & inverse versions
Zip fileĀ 

Family logos

png & svg logos
Zip fileĀ 

Product icons

png & svg product icons
Zip fileĀ 

Design System 2017

These resources are related to the Design System 2017. Please note that this section will not be maintained in the future.

Components 2017 Sketch

Micro Focus DS17 components to use on Sketch

Metric New

Font family
Zip fileĀ 

EverythingUX 2017

A PDF with screenshots of the old Everything UX Portal

Useful Links

External links that might be useful when working with the Design System in Figma and other general resources.

Micro Focus
Brand Central

UX Aspects Documentation

Figma channel
on Youtube

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