Case studies
Mor Goldstein UI Designer

How to design a mobile app that will keep your users “charmed”

Over the past few months I had the honor to design the new mobile app for IT Executive Scorecard, IT Executive Scorecard (XS) is an application that provides dashboards for managers with insights about their business, Such as value and performance.

My target was to create a mobile version for the desktop application.

The final Design implemented 

The challenges

1. Minimalistic layout.

 Analyze what are the core features of the desktop app, and let go of what we don’t need.

The new clean layout was created in a way that gives the focus to a specific component each screen, instead of displaying  all the information at once. See example


2. User oriented design.

The evolution of desktop applications to mobile devices can increase the experience of your users. Here are some methods that I used to create an efficient and welcoming interface:

  • Enlarge font size – It’s just easier to read…
  • Use Contrast color in elements such as: Menus, buttons, pop ups and tooltips.
  • Add White space around elements will help focus the attention of the user.
  • Place hints and helpful tooltips that explain how to navigate faster and easier.
  • Set High speed Interaction response time as a high priority to the development team.
  • Use elegant loaders – if the user has to wait, at list it will be with style…




3. Add a little bit of Sparkle…

Paying attention to seemingly small details has the potential to add some “sparkle” to your app It can be animations, color, look & feel, Typography or a clean and welcoming interface.

  • Add style to elements using animations: Ease in / out, Bouncing effect, fade in / out and more..
  • Use cool gestures to control the interface such as: Tap, pinch, swipe, drag and more..


Credits: The project was created in collaboration with Eynat Pikman (UX design)