Case studies
Shiri Gottlieb EliazSenior Visual Designer


HPE Mobile Center provides testers the ability to build a lab of mobile devices in order to perform functional and performance tests, and optimize the UX throughout the mobile application lifecycle.

A product icon reflects an era and is the face of a product

When creating the Mobile Center icon I wanted to reflect the product’s versatility and richness by representing the range of solutions that Mobile Center provides.

By “reflect an era” I mean that we need to be aware of technical influences and trends, and use them wisely by creating a modern product icon that will still stand the test of time.

skisot 2 copy

The graphic element shown above is comprised of many hexagons and is independent. It can stand alone or it can be attached to the product’s name. We can also easily change the product name or the font as needed with a small effort.

For example the HP split led to a brand change for Hewlett Packard Enterprise. The most significant changes are new colors and fonts. HP simplified was replaced by the new Metric font, and the green color of the new logo is dominant in the apps.

This image below shows the product icon with the new HPE branding.

new brand MC2

The decision to make the icon’s symbol symmetric was very significant, because the product icon has to work in both horizontal and vertical formats, and it must look consistent across multiple platforms. Symmetry ensures that the symbol will work in all formats.

The product icon is comprised of granular and modular parts which provide the feel of a lab; a place to test the experiment until the perfect solution is achieved. This is exactly what Mobile Center is about. The granular parts can be combined into endless different variations.

The transparency represents the real data collected with Mobile Center’s monitoring and analysis tools. It creates a focal point and a center of gravity in the product icon, which draws more attention to the shape.

A product icon should be Memorable and easily described.  An easily described product icon is when someone says: “That logo with XX” (in this case the hexagon) will serve our agenda and increase the visibility of our product.

Be memorable, be unique with your distinctive color or shape, and be noticeable.

In conclusion, the simple and modern icon that captures a sense of endless motion is an abstract representation of the app’s repetitive, record and replay lifecycle. The final product is designed to enhance our sense of harmony and integrity.